List of Services
To book an appointment, please use the contact form or e-mail me at with the type of service you require.

I can contact you through your phone, mobile or Skype

I offer a 15 minute obligation free consultation for your first call so you can decide if my services are for you. If you wish to continue for the full hour, then the standard fee will apply.

If you wish for ongoing support, a discount per session can be negotiated.
All sessions come with after support where you can e-mail me further questions for free.

Emotional healing / Empath Support and Advice

To many, being an empath is something they are just discovering. For me, it's something I've been working on since the 1980s. I know what it is to be an empath.

Empaths suffer badly from depression and emotional trauma. I know because I have been there.

I know what you're going through and more importantly, I understand why.

If you've ever asked yourself the following questions, I can help you:

Why do I care so much about other people?
Why do I feel depressed for no reason?
Why do I feel such anxiety with no apparent cause?
Why do I want to fall apart and cry?
Why do people say I'm just too sensitive or emotional?

I've written the Empath Guidebook, a free PDF which can be downloaded or bought on and created many support groups, however sometimes an empath needs just some one on one time with someone who not only understands, but can help.

One of the main tools I use are Bach Flower Remedies, which are a very gentle, very effective and completely natural healing method. They are not homeopathic, but vibrational in nature. They are also not a placebo. They are simple and they do work.

I also can order the remedies on your behalf and you only pay for the cost and the consultation.
Spiritual guidance and life coaching.

I've been the student of many things spiritual since 1980 and have a good understanding and grounding of what is needed to grow in those areas.

Paranormal Matters / Demonic removals.
I am versed in many aspects of the paranormal, including psychic attacks, demonic attacks, spirits and guides. I have contacts that can assist in resolving issues.

It is important to know that I cannot interfere with soul agreements. (That is agreements you have made between you and another being.)

I keep my rates reasonable as I believe that healing and help should not be a luxury that only those who are well off can afford.

If you are having a financial difficulty, an alternative rate can be negotiated and arranged.

I will assist anyone with an alternative rate/method of payment to the best of my ability who requests my help.


All requests will be accepted and answered in the order in which they are received.
Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.
Requests that are of a more pressing nature, will be prioritized.
Please be aware that if I find your request is of a more general nature, you may be asked to post on the Empath Support Form and/or visit the Chatroom for answers.
Please be aware that I allow staff to review questions and submit responses when appropriate.
All information given over phone and through email will be kept confidential. Permission is always asked if we need to bring in other sources.
Information is given with the best of abilities and intended to be used as a tool for assistance and guidance only. I am not a doctor. I am extremely experienced, however, and have helped many hundreds of people to date. This is important to note.
Ultimately, any decisions should be made solely on behalf of the client. I claim no liability for any advice given, and leave the interpretation to the receiver to do as they see in their best interest.
Personal Advice

I'm not only a very good listener, but also someone who sees clearly. I not only listen to you without judgement, but, if you desire, I can give you direction on which direction to go.

Sometimes just talking things over with someone who understand is all that is needed.

Energy clearing and reading using a photograph

I've been gifted with the ability to see people's energies and if any negative beings or energies are around a person. When I focus, affected people will literally fade to black and sending loving light can clear it and their mood. I've experienced shifting someone in a deep depression in minutes by doing this.

By using a photo, I can often see what is going on and help to shift moods and darkness.

New Rates as of January 2017

30 Minutes - USD40.00
45 Minutes - USD60.00
60 Minutes - USD70.00

For removals of demonic beings, spirits, etc, I have support staff who can aid.

Removal: USD140.00.

For education on how to prevent reoccurance: USD200.00 (includes removal)

For full removal of demonic beings, please inform us if any children are involved in the situation.

What happens during a session?

What happens in your session is often dependent on what you want to achieve.

It's important that I have a headshot of you or can see you on video.  While I can tell a lot from your voice, a current photo will really help me read your energies.

I don't normally ask many questions to begin with. I prefer to see what I can read. I am around 98% accurate. It's up to you if you want  to volunteer any information.

After I've done my reading and assessment, we can discuss the causes behind how you are feeling and what can be done to help.

Near the end of our session, I will ask permission to connect to you and do some energy clearing and healing.

Most people will feel a shift in their moods during the session and say they feel much lighter.  I continue working on you for the next day and many have reported that when they wake up the next day, they feel so much better.  This is due to my skills at clearing energies and forging new pathways in your astral body.

I generally do a five minute free follow up the next day to see how you are feeling and if you have any other question that can be answered.

I also offer the option to have your calls recorded so you can listen to them later. (Please note, this is only available on Skype,  your Mobile or Landline.